• Nov 20, 2019
  • Alex Troop

Indian weddings are a seat of over the top extravagant affairs, and it takes of preparation to set the entire project in place. Cadbury one of the largest producers of chocolate delicacy in the country, offers some exciting gifting options to the people looking for unique ideas. In this blog, we will talk about some of the best gifting options available to impress the newly wedded couples.

  • Tea Boxes: the popularity of tea box as a unique gifting idea has gained massive momentum in the last few years. The tea gift boxes found a stable market in the corporate gifting world as well. The flavor teas, in particular, enjoy unparalleled popularity, when it comes to gifting on such auspicious occasions. The popularity of Darjeeling tea is known to all and what price it comes in the present market, making it one of the best gifting ideas of the year.
  • Assorted spices: India has got a long history when it comes to spices. The colonization of the country due to its rich reserve of spices to the present day as one of the best gifting options. A box of assorted spices will not only look thoughtful but ooze class along with it. A well decorated mini jar containing assorted spices like pepper, cinnamon, and saffron will surely turn some heads at the wedding.
  • Indoor plant or sapling: The climate change is real and the worldwide campaign run several organizations to encourage planting trees can prove to be an excellent gifting option. Several leading websites indulge in dealing with live plants over the internet at a very affordable price. The likes of Bonsai or the simple cactus plant will not look great in the balcony of the newlyweds, but also help the environment to cope with greenhouse gases. The small miniature plants available online will not take much space in the drawing-room but will look a lot classier than a monotonous drawing-room.
  • Perfumed candles: The popularity of perfumed candles is another great gifting options for the newlyweds. The couple can enjoy some romantic alone time with a perfumed candle lit in the corner of the room. The gift will surely enhance their already romantic evening. The gifts will not cost a bomb, but will also be unique in many ways.
This is our list of some of the best gifting ideas at a very affordable price available both online and offline.