• Sep 07, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

If you are bored of throwing the same, lame dinner parties over and over, and are now looking for an elegant and sophisticated one, you've come to the right place. A royal tea party is what you need! Hosting a tea party is very classy and also would not burn a hole in your pocket.

Apart from birthdays, tea parties can be the thing for welcoming neighbors, friends and prospective business partners. Hosting a tea party is quite different from a general evening tea meet. The biggest differentiating factor is premium tea quality. In tea parties, the quality of tea not just sets the mood, but it also states about your class and preference. Hence, when you look for the best tea quality, Goodwyn Tea comes to the rescue!

With that that, if you're looking to host a perfect English tea party, grab your notepad and jot down the essentials as discussed here.


The first and foremost thing you need is to make an invitation for your guests. Handwritten invitation request on paper will do the trick. Mention the venue, date and time. A tea party is usually scheduled from mid to late afternoon. If you are having any theme in mind, don't forget to mention it beforehand so that your guests can also make the necessary preparation in due time. Also, complementing the invitation text with a Goodwyn Tea Scroll box will set the mood for the upcoming event.

Goodwyn Tea Scroll box

Set the Scene

If you have a garden or lobby, you've an added advantage! Nothing beats the beauty of the nature. If not, don't worry, drawing hall serve the purpose as well. Set the tea table and swing your favorite table cloth on it. Decorate with your best China cups, silverware and culinary. Don't think twice before flaunting your creativity and decoration.

Goodwyn Tea

 Tea and Snacks

As the name 'tea party' suggest, the most important ingredient to make a successful party is tea itself. Instead of making a common type of tea for everyone, go for various flavors. Ask your guests what they would prefer and encourage them to try new flavors as well. Goodwyn Tea can help you have enough premium tea flavors for the tea party.

Goodwyn Tea

Prepare the food before your guests arrive. You can arrange them in buffet style, so that everyone can serve whenever they feel like on their own. The only thing you need to serve personally is the tea! The snacks that you can include are sandwiches and cookies. Scones and cupcakes are more than welcomed.

Once your guests arrive, settle them down and pour some tea to each of them. Try to keep the number of guest limited to ten so that you get enough time to interact with everyone personally. On their way out, you can create a lasting impact by gifting them Goodwyn Tin Caddies as a token of thanks.

Don't just serve tea, serve an experience clubbed with good memories.