• Oct 13, 2015
  • Goodwyn Tea

Special occasions, birthdays, festivities are always welcomed..till the little nagging in the stomach starts – what gift to carry along with you for the host or the birthday boy/girl? How to avoid being too personal with a formal acquaintance or too formal with a loved one? And you sure are in for trouble if you don’t remember the likes and dislikes of a close friend. What can you do then, other than picking up something outrageously stupid and making a fool of yourself? Well, you can play it safe and just gift them tea!
We are extremely serious! Let us tell you how gifting tea is the perfect thing, which you hadn’t thought of before!

It is healthy! Tea is rich in a number of antioxidants and has a lesser caffeine content than coffee. It helps keep you fresh and alert all day, improves the functioning of your brain, makes your bones stronger, your gums healthy and your teeth white! Talk about being an all-in-one package, talk about tea! Can there be better gift than gifting someone good health? We think not!









It is tasty! How many of us have had this experience, when we are gifted chocolates or candies that look utterly mouth watering but taste like grass…or worse? Don’t gift your loved ones a nasty shock! Just stick to tea and they will thank you for it at each sip that they indulge themselves with!

It is long lasting! Another major plus here! With tea, you don’t have to worry about people already having their share stocked at home and your gift going waste. Tea is practically imperishable. Which implies that if stored carefully, your gift can be enjoyed till ages after you have bought it. This also implies that you can be generous and buy a greater quantity!










Suits everyone’s taste!
With the endless aromas that tea comes in, there is more than enough variety to choose from to suit the fancy of any individual. Be it the strong Kashmiri Kahwa or the subtle white tea, you will find everyone’s cup of tea! And if you are still lost, you can always gift an assortment of tea! Ah, that sounds like a plan, eh?










It is easy to carry!
You gift a keyboard to someone who loves to play it…can they carry it around and play where ever they want? No! Well. That probably wasn’t the best example to come up with, but hey, it proves the point! Tea can be easily carried around and enjoyed at your own leisure and whim!

It can be clubbed with other things!
In case you want to go overboard with your gift and not gift just tea (which by the way, is never just tea) you can always pair it with other tea accessories! Oh, the love for tea of a true tea connoisseur can never be pampered enough!











Can be made as formal/personal as you want!
Tea can be gifted to any random acquaintance or colleague without having the intentions behind the gift questioned. And it can also have the personal touch by adding to the details of the likes and dislikes and tea preferences of the person!

So the next time you find yourself worrying about what gift should you buy…stop worrying and buy some tea! ☺