• Oct 17, 2019
  • Alex Troop

The task of picking up a gift is not a cakewalk; a gift should resemble everything about your taste and degree of sophistication. The concept of corporate gifting these days gained a lot of momentum, and the sector is running out unique gifting ideas this Diwali.

Fortunately, the likes of tea blends have rapidly spread its dominance across the market, and the corporate found their gasp of fresh air. Now, Tea is one of the widely consumed drinks in our household, but there is a twist in it. The conventional beverages like black or green tea are no longer dominant instead the flavor blends are taking their place. In this blog, we will talk about some of the essential features of gifting tea boxes to your closed this Diwali, which will make any person stand-out in the crowd. 

  • The flavored teas like Mint, Chamomile, and Blueberry are a dominant force now, though the demand for a quality box of Darjeeling tea will never go out of style.
  • The exotic tea boxes offered by some of the leading brands, along with their product take the gifting game a level higher. The well ornamented and designed tea boxes tick all the boxes of sophistication and classiness.  
  • "Nothing can beat a conversation over a cup of smoking hot cup of tea"- One of the widely used taglines of several leading tea brands. A person indulging in gifting tea exhibits a positive attitude and contributes well to creating a positive environment.
  • As it is quite a well-known fact, Tea in an Indian household is one of the widely used products. So a person gifting their client's tea boxes shows a sign of personal touch. A box of tea will not find itself in the corner of any person's house as a showpiece.
  • The concept of gifting tea boxes saw the light when the practice of giving out sweets, dairies, cookies became monotonous. Hence, gifting your special client with a well-designed box of tea will take your reputation to new heights.
  • The corporate world started giving out gifts in the festive season to indirectly publicize his firm. Now, a box of tea will able to deliver that with flying colors; every time in the morning your clients open your box of tea, he will get reminded of the business deal.
  • The unisexual appreciation makes the gifting idea one of the safest bait in the current market. A cup of smoking tea gets appreciated by both men and women.