• Sep 19, 2015
  • Goodwyn Tea


We know you don’t really need an excuse for a chai break but if you are still looking for one, we have just the thing for you.

  • As filler for awkward silence during meetings: We all dread the long boring meetings but what’s worse than listening to your manager talk for hours? The in between awkward silence. Where you have nothing to contribute to the conversation and are scared that you’ll be picked on. Takes you right back to your school days, eh? But thank god for chai.

  • Right after a client meeting: “We absolutely love the design but can we see more options?” “Let’s keep the full-stop and change the rest of the copy?” Clients. Sigh. A cup of hot steaming strong tea is all you need to relax those muscles and have the grey cells ticking again.

  • When you need a break from power points: Watching slide after slide, slide by makes you question your own existence, at times. And desperate times like these call for a freshly brewed chai that will stir some life back into your life!

  • Best excuse to get some get fresh air: Sitting on those morbid looking black revolving chairs for hours together is doing no good to your back and your base. Chai breaks are the perfect excuse for you to lift those glorious buttocks and sway them in some fresh air. Not only will your brain feel refreshed, you know deep down that your heart loves it too.

  • A puff of smoke: We need company for chai breaks and so does our chai. Sutta is best had with a steaming cup of chai. It’s also breakfast for many. Small joys of life, we say!

  • Legit excuse to get to know your colleagues…closely: Eyeing the new joinee? Want to get to know the HR better? Ask them out for a cup of tea. What’s there to lose? If it goes southwards, at least you know took your chances and had a great cup of tea

  • Chai breaks that don’t end: He who works for full 8 hours…does not exist! Tea breaks are the reason we all have our sanity intact. If it weren’t for the little tea breaks (that go on for hours) we’d have lost our marbles for sure.

Best ice breaker: Want to take the next few days off but not sure of how to break the news to your manager? Simple! Take him out for a cup of tea. Don’t break eye contact while you’re sipping your tea and carefully slide the news to your boss along with a plate of piping hot samosas. Easy peasy.

It looks like tea doesn’t get the credit for half the things it does now, doesn’t it?