• May 24, 2019
  • Alex Troop
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When it comes to enjoying the perfect cup of tea, various things come into mind. It might be the right tea leaves or the right timing to brew the leaves. And the perfect recipe of a perfect cup of tea varies person to person. Some tea-lovers like their tea strong, while others like to have it in light taste. If you love to drink tea and searching for the perfect recipe to enjoy the perfect cup of tea, then this blog post is for you, as here five steps of making tea will be elaborated. Hence, get ready with a cup of tea to enjoy the reading—

Tea Leaves:

It comes without any introduction, when the topic is “Tea”. And no one can deny that the quality leaves matters a lot to bring the best flavours into the cup. No matter how elegant is your tea-set looking or how costly is the milk powder, if the tea leaves do not belong to the fine quality, then the entire experience will be a disaster.


Using the right tea leaves is not the only responsible item to make the brewing experience unforgettable. It depends on the amount of leaves you are using as well. A generous amount of leaves may not require in every sort of recipes. Be careful at the time of adding the leaves. At first, be clear about how you want it, then measure the number of leaves to make a perfect cup.


Imagine the situation- you have brought the perfect tea leaves and the guests have arrived, you have organized the tea-table and you have added the leaves into the boiling water and then the phone rings, you leave to receive it and when you are back, you realized that the tea is ready. Do you think, it will be the best experience for the party? Of course not. As you have end up with a bitter tea. hence, time matters a lot. Count the time to have the best tea party experience.


Not all types of tea need the same temperature to be brewed. While green tea needs low temperature, black tea requires the opposite. When you are making tea, set the temperature according to the tea variation.


What Makes your cup of tea the perfect one? Though there are various ways to make a perfect tea, it depends on the person, who drinks it. You can make it as you like it. To make your favourite cup, you need not to follow any recipe strictly.