• Dec 25, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

5 Reasons You Should Choose Tea over Coffee

When it comes to the matter of starting your day, some of you prefer to drink team and others like to smack down with coffee. Both have their own significance as coffee holds the trophy for a health benefiter; while, tea comes in to energize and has been considered as the most ancient choice of people. Befitting the phrase of “old is gold”, tea has always been on a heavier side of the scale because of the oldest preferable hot drink. With changing modalities, people are getting driven towards the intake of coffee more than tea. But, it is essential for them to understand that tea is “no less important” than its arch rival. Under-mentioned are five reasons that justify the significance of tea over coffee:

  • Ideal for Teeth:

With Fluoride present in tea, its regular intake will safeguard your teeth from decaying. Of course, the daily quantity of tea should not go over the board as excess of everything puts bad effect on health. On the other side of the coin, coffee leads to teeth discoloration and lending them yellow tone. Who would like to smile with yellow teeth?

  • Excellently Hydrating the Body:

The benefit of consuming tea over the coffee in summers is that tea holds the ability to suffice the scarcity of water in the body during summers. Everyone is aware of the fact that sweating in summer leads to loss of bodily water and tea can replace the fluids lost to get it hydrated.

  • Tea Reduces Cancer and Tumors:

Though the scientific evidences are not much; still, the ancient usage of tea in Chinese legends states that it has the tendency to reduce tumors and diverse forms of cancers. In this manner, tea has specified medicinal properties.

  • Tea Keeps it Going:

When it comes to maintaining the energy level throughout the day, it is the tea that wins over coffee. Both have the same amount of caffeine in it. But, the caffeine in coffee reduces energy; while, the tea surges it smartly.

  • Tea Enables Reducing Weight:
With the researches showing that tea or green tea has the properties of reducing your extra bulge; coffee seems to be getting a side kick for sure. Indeed, coffee does not give such an important benefit. So, this indicates that tea has an edge over coffee because of varied properties.