• Jul 06, 2015
  • Goodwyn Tea

Be it the English high tea or the tapri wali chai, the rare luxuries of a starbucks’ chai tea or the routine 5 o’ clock tea break, be it chamomile tea right out of the silken tea box or adrak wali chai from nani ki rasoi.. tea no doubt has the masses wrapped up around its fingers.

Caffeinated-de caffeinated, Green Tea-Black Tea, Darjeeling Tea – Kashmiri Kahwa , Dancing Tea or Oolong Tea, with or without milk, steaming or iced…can we not get into the technicalities just for a minute and give this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious boon to mankind its due round of applause?


Cause if it weren’t for tea, Monday mornings would have been exponentially worse with absolutely nothing to motivate us to get out of the bed..Just imagine, if it weren’t for bed tea, would you spend Sunday mornings exchanging lazy sweet nothings cuddled up next to your sweetheart?  Or could you survive the unending futility in the newspapers or news channels?

What would you argue over with your friends at sleepovers, if not whose turn it was to get up and make tea for everyone? Could you live without the feeling of devilish triumph when someone finally is bullied into making tea and the care free euphoria punctuated with biscuit dipped in chai as you have tea in bed with friends?

Even if you had to, could you put a price tag to the feeling when Mum wakes you up with a cup of tea, gently stroking your hair? And dad walks along and you have a small family get together while you are still in bed? Would quickly finishing the last few pages of the book you fell asleep while reading, be as interesting if you dint have a cup of tea to drown them with? Or would watching the next episode of your favourite serial, which was downloaded overnight, with the cup of tea held in your hand while you are completely absorbed in the show be such an wholesome experience?

Oscar Wilde couldn’t have been more right when he said, “Tea is the only simple pleasure left to us”. In a world where we are all running (apparently in circles cause we don’t seem to be getting anywhere) to meet the deadlines and achieve targets, and where any form luxury or happiness comes with flashy price tags, its these simple pleasures that remind us that things aren’t that bad after all and we still can seek comfort in that little cup of divinity.

So folks, don’t think twice before staying in bed a minute longer..and bask in tea’s awesomeness. Keep it hot, keep it brewing!