• Nov 18, 2014
  • Seemantini Bose

In times of stress or crisis, when things tend to go wrong, it’s important you let your mind relax and take it easy. So when time gets tough, may we suggest tea to rescue? It’s believed that in times of stress, a cup of tea can work wonders for your nerves. In countries like Japan and India, brewing and bonding over cups of tea is a usual practice and it ensures general well being of the family.

It’s been quite a long journey for tea as a beverage. What started as a humble cup of regular chai has now ended up in elegantly packed designer boxes of flavored teas. Tea has become more of a lifestyle now. There’s a tea for every mood, flavor for every season. While your workout regime is incomplete without wellness and detox green teas, your winter evenings just cannot happen without a hot steaming cup of Kashmiri Kahwa or Darjeeling.


Don’t you remember Mad Hatter from ‘Alice in Wonderland’? Even he seemed to agree that “it's always tea-time”. A hearty breakfast with a cup of earl grey and late nights with Masala chai or Vanilla tea pretty much sums the day up. However, many of us aren't much aware of the options of teas available. Here’s a comprehensive list of teas for all moods available with exclusive makers of flavored single origin teas.

Tea for Moods:

Kick-start flavours: For the times we drag ourselves out of bed and still don’t seem to be fully awake, let our good old strong black Assam tea wake you up every morning. With or without milk, it is a perfect good cup to start your day.

Herbal De-stress: A long day at work, the fever and fret, leave you tired and stressed. Nothing can be more refreshing than a hot shower followed by a cup of warm de-stress relaxing tea. Jasmine tea and refreshing lemon -ginger herbal infusion work on stress and calm your nerves like magic!

Mood Lifters: Didn't have a good day at work? Upset over a job not done? Rejuvenate with tea and start anew! Spicy chilli tea, lemon tea and masala chai are great mood lifters. They give you just the right push to get things done. 

 Weekend Detox: After a long hard week, a crazy weekend is the least you can ask for. But what about the Sunday morning hangover? Nevermind because we do have a tea solution for that as well. The goodness of organic green tea not only detoxes you but also increases your metabolism. The antioxidants found in herbal green tea play an important role in keeping your natural immunity in place.

Post Workout: And ofcourse, for the fitness freaks. How can we forget that your workout ain't complete without a cup of weight-loss tea to mark the finish! A cup of green tea with a tinge of honey can work wonders for your weight loss program.

Sleep well: Last but not the least, when you go to bed, teas that ensure you sleep well. Try out sleepwell carrot orange multivitamin herbal infusion or relaxing pomegranate orange herbal infusion to relax you before going to bed.

When nothing else seems to work, keep calm and settle down with a cup of steaming tea and let your mind figure out a way.