• May 12, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

For the past few years, organic tea has seen a growth in its popularity together with the rise of organic movement. Brands specializing in organic teas have also seen a tremendous increase in fame, and even most mainstream tea companies with products offered in supermarkets started to offer organic varieties.

There are actually two main benefits of purchasing organic tea, which include avoiding having toxic chemicals in your favorite tea and giving protection to the environment in places where tea is being grown.

Organic Tea India

Saying No to Toxic Chemicals

Most people might not be aware of it but tea production tends to involve some toxic and harmful chemicals being used in the form of pesticides. Majority of tea is being grown in countries such as India and China which have lax environment standards as compared to standards of countries in the European Union or the United States. Once used carelessly, such chemicals might contaminate teas and cause health risks to those who drink the finished product. Tea, particularly green tea, is being promoted for having anti-cancer properties. However, most chemicals used in its production are actually carcinogens or toxins.

Nutrient Pollution from Fertilizers

Aside from the problem of chemicals that are toxic, conventional agriculture may damage the environment by its over-use of fertilizers. Growing tea requires fertilizer application because organic matter is being taken away constantly as tea leaves are harvested. Yet, the application of these synthetic fertilizers may acidify soils and contribute a lot of nitrogen to runoff that could damage the ecosystems in the rivers, bays, and streams downstream from the region where tea is grown. Not only this damages ecosystems, yet it may harm the industry of fishing as well. Organic fertilizers don’t completely solve this kind of problem, yet it reduces this.

Organic Tea India – Is It Expensive?

In some cases, organic tea can be expensive, yet the prices of the teas are highly variable and numerous teas are comparable in price to the non-organic teas. This is one of the reasons why people don’t buy organic teas these days. But, what they don’t know is that these are very beneficial and can offer them long term health benefits.

Organic Tea India

 If you have decided to use organic tea India, many stores offer them both offline and online. Yet, you have to remember that it pays to shop around first because not all organic tea providers are trustworthy and some might give you the best value of what you have spent. Luckily, there are other companies that offer organic teas online and you can buy at a very reasonable price. You can visit http://www.goodwyntea.com/ anytime you need affordable and quality made organic tea.