• May 08, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

For Mother’s Day this year, why not surprise your mom with a one of a kind gift as special as her. Every mom in this world is unique, calming and soothing – the very characteristics that you can find in Masala Chai.

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Masala Chai is India’s spice tea. Masala is the combination of several spices. It is virtually considered as a mainstay in the Indian culture. When there is no fresh, cold water available in the place, you can easily find a chai vendor offering refreshing chai, a favourite drink that has been offered in India since 1800s.

But what are those spices used in Masala Chai that gives it the amazing taste that you cannot simply find in other varieties?

Well, the spices added in chai greatly depend on the specific place in India where it is being prepared. Every Chai vendor or wallah follows his own original recipe. However, there are several spices that you will surely get a taste of in a cup of tea; irrespective of the region – whether you are in the South of India or in the North. These spices are none other than ginger and cardamom.

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Apart from this, cloves and cinnamon are also added to the base. You may also find different variations of flavours, such as those that contain pepper, coconut, peppermint, fennel, curry leaves, lemongrass, vanilla and saffron.

When it comes to Masala Chai, there is an endless list of combinations that you can use. This is where the beauty of this revitalizing, nurturing but calming beverage lies. You may consume it in the traditional way or you can try a scintillating alternative by adding ice to the beverage!

Whether you choose to call it by its proper name Masala Chai or its generic name Chai, the wonderful combination of black tea, spices, sweetener and milk makes the beverage astonishingly delicious.

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