• Nov 14, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

10 Interesting Tea Facts You Might Not Know

For such huge numbers of us, tea is a basic piece of our day by day routine but then we know so minimal about that sustaining some quality that sees us through our awful days and causes us move our way through the great ones. In case you're perusing this, odds are that you're a tea darling.

This is a rundown of intriguing facts and trivia about our most loved refreshment chai!

  • Tea was found unintentionally. Legend says that the refreshment was found when leaves from tea shrubs unintentionally fell into the water hirelings were bubbling for Emperor Shen Nong in 2737 BC. At first, it was thought to be a tonic and utilized just for therapeutic purposes.
  • All teas are produced using the same plant– Camellia Sinensis. Dark tea, white tea, green tea, oolong tea and so forth are altogether produced using a similar plant. They taste, look and smell changed simply because of the distinction in their preparing. Dark tea is aged, oolong tea is semi-matured and green tea is unfermented. White tea is additionally unfermented yet is produced using the unopened buds of the plant which gives it a vegetal taste.
  • Tea leaves can be utilized as a mosquito repellent. Tea leaves, particularly green tea leaves are a characteristic and condition agreeable method for keeping mosquitoes under control.
  • Tea sacks were made unintentionally. In 1904, Thomas Sullivan-an American tea vendor created tea sacks unknowingly when he conveyed tests of his tea in silk pockets. Individuals did not know they should discharge out the pocket, so they plunged the whole pocket into bubbling water. Along these lines, tea sacks were designed and have been the prominent helpful strategy for drinking tea from that point onward.
  • You can purchase a precious stone teabag for philanthropy. The most costly tea pack on the planet is a precious stone teabag by Boodles Jewellers in England. The tea sack is worth $15,250 and contains 280 precious stones and is utilized to fund-raise for philanthropy.
  • Home-grown tea isn't generally tea. Home-grown tea isn't generally tea since it isn't made totally from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is basically an implantation of the bark, blossoms, roots, leaves, and seeds of the plant.
  • Not only a lady's activity. Despite the fact that in India, getting ready and pouring tea is thought to be a lady's activity, in Morocco, pouring tea is a man's activity. It is likewise important here to have a somewhat foamy head in each glass which is the reason he should pour tea holding the gush high over the glass.
  • Tea is the picked refreshment of the earth cognizant. Tea is earth benevolent and an all-regular refreshment originating from a sustainable source. The plant-Camellia Sinensis normally opposes mosquitoes which disposes of or if nothing else decreases the utilization of pesticides, the handling of tea leaves is a characteristic procedure and the bundling for tea leaves can without much of a stretch be made bio-degradable.
  • Free tea over tea bags. Free tea leaves stay new for around two years. Store tea in hermetically sealed compartments since it can ingest dampness and turn sour. Utilizing free tea leaves instead of teabags is the dependable and condition inviting activity and it additionally influences your tea to taste so much better.
  • Tea can help intellectual competence. L-theanine show in tea unwinds the mind and decrease push. This makes tea the ideal drink to slow down with. Tea shockingly, is likewise the best drink to keep you wakeful and caution without hurting your body with an excessive amount of caffeine. It hones the mind and lifts memory.